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internal error on Check Point Mobile during authentication process

some of our users (like me) obtain the error "internal error" while connecting to VPN from their computers through Check Point Mobile Client (E86.20).

Check Point Mobile.png

This is the connection workflow:

1. A user connects to VPN site from Check Point Mobile (IPSec)
2. It is authenticate via Azure AD (Azure AD authentication is in place on Check Point infrastructure) through web browser (Check Point Mobile was set to use default browser: parameter idp_browser_mode = default_browser in trac.defaults)
3. Once the user is authenticated the control is passed back to Check Point Mobile and the error "internal error" appears on the client


- The issue appears either on Windows 10 or Windows 11 with Chrome or Microsoft EDGE set as default
- It seems the issue started to appear with latest Windows updates or browser updates. I manage to "reproduce" the issue on my computer (Windows 11 OS): I was able to connect to VPN without any problem; then Windows installed some updates KB5012170, KB5016629, KB5015898 and Chrome browser was updated to v104.0.5112.81, after a reboot the error "internal error" started to occur while connecting to VPN.

I resolved the issue by uninstalling Check Point Mobile version E86.20 and installing E86.50. I don't know if it was solved thank you to new version or simply because I uninstalled and re-installed the software.I opened a ticket on Check Point.

Are you experiecing the same issue ?

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We release new clients tested against the most recent updates on a roughly monthly basis precisely because Windows updates sometimes will cause issues with our Endpoint and/or VPN client.
Presumably, the issue you found is one we fixed in a version after E86.20.


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