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When MFA goes down…

A little while ago Azure experienced an outage with their MFA service that impacted customers.

I'm curious - for those using Azure MFA w/ Check Point for remote access VPN…how did you handle it, lessons learned, next steps and/or improvements?

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So, MFA doesn’t necessarily have to be a Username and Password + A One Time Password. You could also configure a second tunnel using Certificates and Passwords.

If like most of us, you are working remotely at the moment and you found yourself locked out your network it could be for some key admin staff you provide them with smaller appliances that establish a Site to Site VPN back to your main firewalls. Alternatively, if it is proportional to your environment size/criticality you could also configure these to connected back to a small check point in the data centre that then connects into an out of band network of some key data centre devices.


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