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Unable to configure Remote Access Clients for Windows for deployment since E80.87


I waited until the E80.90 version of the Check Point VPN client for Windows was released before finally asking for help.

Since version E80.87, the official method to pre-configure the MSI package of the VPN client for Windows no longer works. Of course, I tried the VPN Configuration Utility ( and the command line solution with cpmsi_tool.exe. None of them work anymore, Check Point client does not memorize the address of my server and deployments via MDT are therefore unsatisfactory.

Am I wrong in my way of doing things or do we need Check Point to update their configuration tool?

Thank you!

PS: I tested all this on a clean Win 10 x64 (1809) virtual machine.

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No solution but just wanted to say I'm having the same issues at the moment.

Incredibly frustrating as there doesn't seem to be a way to manually add a site either without asking the users to do it outside the network.

Please let me know if you make any progress.


Glad to know I am not crazy. I am also having this issue and it's been driving me nuts for two days. 

I know for a fact a few months ago I used the VPNConfig utility with E80.70. I believe it was a different version of the VPNConfig Utility. I have been trying with E80.88 / E80.90 and version 1.2 of the VPNConfig utility and I also cannot get it to build a package with the site information pre-populated and additional settings. Also testing on a clean W10 VM. 

I am going to do some more testing to verify it did work previously with older versions and open a case with with TAC. 

Edit - I tested with E80.85 and what I believe to be the latest version of the VPNconfig Utility (v1.2) and it does work. So seems like something happen after that version. 


I was able to build an MSI package with this sk after talking to my support: How to automatically create site on Endpoint Security VPN client . I did this with E80.90 on W10 Enterprise 1803. 

Seems like Check Point still needs to update some sk docs if anyone reads this. The Remote Access Clients for Windows Administrator Guide even mentions using the VPNconfig utility, not the way listed in sk122694.


Nice but unfortunately I don't have access to this resource...

To view this solution, Advanced access is required.
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Oh sorry. It's just a few steps, basically configure how you want, then restart in admin mode. 

    1. From the directory: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CheckPoint\Endpoint Connect
      Run the file :


      This will launch the client with an additional tab "Administration" under "VPN Options".
    1. Configure the client with the site(s) you desire, and the authentication method you prefer.

    1. Select the options desired from the Administration tab and select "Generate".

      This will create the MSI file you can distribute to your users for installation. 

Thank you! It worked. Smiley Happy I remember now using this old method once. Waiting now for CP to update their official tool and documentation.

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Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are aware of this issue and doing everything to solve it as soon as possible.

I hope to have a positive update in the upcoming days.


Elad Shoval, Team Leader, PC VPN Client


Hi Elad,

Thanks for letting us know, nice that someone directly from Check Point let us know the issue was being worked on!

Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Josh,
The issue should be solved.
Please try and download the VPN Configuration Utility version 1.3 from here.

Best regards,
Gal Root, Software Developer, PC VPN Client


Hi Gal,

Many thanks, it does work. I just tired version 1.3 with the latest version of the Windows VPN client (E80.90) and I was able to build an MSI.



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