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SecuRemote DNS

Hello there,

I want to create a SecuRemote DNS object on our R80.10 (Take 154HFA)  appliance. I have the following 2 questions.

1. I can't seem to be able to create a DNS suffix with a TLD > 6 characters e.g .example.intranet. Is there a solution to that ?

2. If I create the SecuRemote DNS object without any DNS suffix, then it seems that SecuRemote clients don't use the SecuRemote DNS object as a DNS Server at all!


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Recommend opening a TAC case on this.
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You refer to sk92751: Remote Access DNSwithout Office Mode   and sk87068: Providing DNSservers to Remote Access clients without Office Mode ? In sk92751 we read: For R80.10, refer to the "Split DNS" section in the Remote Access VPN R80.10 Administration Guide This specifies how to configure the SecuRemote DNS including Domain suffix.


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Hello G_W_Albrecht,

I've read the articles that you mentioned. I have already configured the SecuRemote DNS object.

The problem is that the DNS Suffix is long enough ie ( mydomain.intranet) and cannot be added as a DNS suffix on the SecuRemote DNS object.

Thank you

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