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SNX bandwidth issue


We use Capsule VPN (former SNX client) available on Microsoft Store to connect our company.

I just made some tests of bandwidth quality reaching the same ressource from home.

I have set up a speedtest docker inside my company (

When the VPN is ON on my laptop the bandwith is very bad

When The VPN is OFF on my laptop the bandwidth is pretty good as expected

See results in the picture in attachment

Any idea to have the same bandwidth with ou without VPN ?

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First of all, getting the same bandwidth with and without VPN is impossible.
VPN encapsulation adds additional overhead to each packet sent on the wire.
This will cause the application level throughput to be lower.
Also, the VPN encapsulation can create MTU issues with applications, which can cause retransmits and the like, further lowering the effective throughput.
In addition, there could easily be a number of other differences in the VPN path versus non-VPN path that can account for these differences (for example, using WiFi versus a LAN versus your Internet connection at home).
Also, the VPN gateway could be processing traffic for lots of other users, which limits the amount of bandwidth available for you.

As a user, there's not much you can do to improve this.
If the gateway admins suspect some sort of performance issue, they can open a case with our TAC or their Check Point partner to assist.
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