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SAML Support for Remote Access VPN

This question has come up a lot on the community.
We now have a formally supported solution that allows integration with ADFS and other SAML-based authentication.
This requires Check Point gateways running (at minimum) the following releases:

  • R80.40 JHF 114 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81 JHF 42 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81.10 JHF 9 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81.20 (supported with Maestro) and above

The following VPN clients are supported (minimum versions listed):

  • E84.70 on Windows
  • E85.30 on macOS
  • Capsule VPN clients (see sk181494), which requires the following gateway versions:
    • R81.10 JHF 43 and above
    • R81.20 JHF 113 and above 

This solution is NOT currently supported with:

  • Capsule Workspace
  • Embedded Gaia/SMB Gasteways

If such support is needed, please open an RFE with your local Check Point office.

You can see the details in the R81.20 Remote Access VPN guide under SAML Support for Remote Access VPN and/or sk172909.

See also this video by  @Peter_Elmer 

(Last edited April 2024)

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