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SAML Support for Remote Access VPN

This question has come up a lot on the community.
We now have a formally supported solution that allows integration with ADFS and other SAML-based authentication.
This requires Check Point gateways running (at minimum) the following releases:

  • R80.40 JHF 114 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81 JHF 42 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81.10 JHF 9 or above (not supported with Maestro)
  • R81.20

The following VPN clients are supported (minimum versions listed):

  • E84.70 on Windows
  • E85.30 on macOS

This solution is NOT currently supported with:

  • Capsule VPN clients on Windows, macOS, or Android
  • Embedded Gaia/SMB platforms

If such support is needed, please open an RFE with your local Check Point office.

You can see the details here: 

See also this video by  @Peter_Elmer 

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