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Remote Endpoints Pulling Policies

We are running into issues with our Remote Endpoints with Checkpoint installed pulling updated policies we create.  We are not using Checkpoint VPN, but we did create a Policy server within our DMZ to allow the remote endpoints to pull the policies.  

Has anyone else run into this issue? 

Thank you! 


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Can you please explain in detail what you expect, what is actually happening, and what errors/messages you see along the way?
Have you done any troubleshooting, e.g. verify the clients are actually reaching out to the policy server?
Do you see any drops on the firewall related to connections to the policy server?
Also versions/JHF levels would be helpful.
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Hey PhoneBoy, 


The end goal is to have our remote endpoints pulling the updated policies that we make within our network.  I have plugged a laptop into our network, connected to checkpoint endpoint and am able to connect to our Checkpoint Management Server.  Once I go off our network, Checkpoint looses all connection to Checkpoint Management Server. 

Checkpoint TAC has given me tests to run and those have failed, which they state is a network issue.  Our Network team is stating everything looks fine on their end, so Im getting a back and forth. 

No drops within our firewall, both the Checkpoint Management Server and the Checkpoint Policy Server are talking without issue. 


Thank you, 


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