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R80.10 and the compatibility con JAVA for Firefox e Chrome

Good day mates

After long time I'm going to post a new concern about Mobile Access Blade.

Yesterday I upgraded an enviroment from R77.30 to R80.10 with the last jumbo take.

During the test, I faced out a problem related the connection to the Native Application using Chrome or Firefox because all remote clients failed to install new Check Point Mobile Agent.

During the investigation I faced out the problem was the compability between the java and Check Point Mobile Agent provided from SSLVPN portal.

Although the solution could be uninstall java 64bit in favor of version 32bit, because the MABDA hotfix is temporary not available, in according to sk113410, I had to apply a workaround just to delivery a new agent directly from SSLVPN portal.

I observed a remote client, where the Check Point Mobile Agent already installed because connected previously to a R80.20 enviroment, worked without any problem.

The workaround applied (it works!!!!) consists to connect to gateway in CLI (in case of cluster on all GWs) and:

NOTE: the working directory /opt/CPvpn-R80/htdocs/SNX/CSHELL/

Download a CheckPointMobileAgent.msi version 80.0.0070.16 from another GW where the MABDA hotfix is already installed (see sk113410)

1. rename the old CheckPointMobileAgent.msi to ORIGINAL

     mv CheckPointMobileAgent.msi CheckPointMobileAgent.msi_ORIGINAL

2. upload the updated CheckPointMobileAgent.msi to the GWs

3. change the permission and the ownership of the new file

     chgrp bin CheckPointMobileAgent.msi

     chmod ug+rwx CheckPointMobileAgent.msi

     chmod o+r CheckPointMobileAgent.msi

3.a. compare the permission and ownership between the new file and the original file

     ls -l CheckPointMobileAgent.msi*

4. bsckup the file cshell_ver.txt

     cp cshell_ver.txt cshell_ver.txt_ORIGINAL

5. edit the file cshell_ver.txt in order for reflecting the version of new CheckPointAgentmobile


I wish this post can help other people who will meet this issue until the MADBA hotfix will not be available for R80.10.



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