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R80.10 File share

Hey Guys,

I am setting up file shares in remote access portal. User credentials for portal and file shares are different.

All shares come from the same server. However I cannot set up file share object just pointing to server (\\server). I have to use \\server\share1 and \\sever\share2 instead. I guess it's some kind of limitation?

Anyway, workaround would be to set up multiple shares, which is fine, but I don't want the users to enter credentials for each share separately...

R77.30. Once I enter credentials to \\server\share1, the other works if I choose "reuse my portal usr/pass to access files".

R80.10. Don't work repeating the same steps. It's crashing even when returning to the first share I entered credentials.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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What jumbo hotfix are you on?

Sounds like a TAC case is in order.

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It's the latest one - JHF169. I wasn't able to find anything in documentation for R77.30 that this is the way it should be configured. Maybe I am just lucky it is working and it was fixed in R80.10 Smiley Happy 

Of course, it's a good idea to raise a ticket in parallel too.

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