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Office Mode IP Pool Assginment


It seems that when office mode IP is assigned, it is not returned to the pool when user is disconnected. I want to know if this is by design or configurable option ?

Centrally managed 1470 running R77.20.87.

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The IP lease time is an configurable option within the Office Mode settings of your gateway.

Yes, right. I just checked it and it is 60 mins. And it passed like more than a day since that IP was last allocated. Currently it is allocating from upwards. What will happen when the pool is exhausted? Is it going to start allocating from the beginning again ?

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When you issue the command: fw tab -t om_assigned_ips -s
you will see how many are actually are in use according to the gateway. The issuing of IP's will just continue where it gave out the last IP and when exhausted start from the beginning again.
Regards, Maarten

Thanx, exactly what I wanted to hear 🙂

I was a bit worried because it is an active/standby cluster allocating from same IP pool -

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