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Need Capsule Connect, but close unnecessary ports?

Hi, running R80.40 and need to use an iPhone for VPN access.

I configured the IPSec VPN and Mobile Access blades, Capsule Connect option only etc.

Capsule Connect seems to be working correctly, and can access resources.

Now I am receiving Implied Rule "Accept" connections and IPS Prevent logs on the WAN.

GRC Shields Up scan shows ports 80 & 443 are open to the Internet, and 444 and 500 are as closed. All other ports are stealth.

I would rather close (preferably stealth) any ports that are not needed for Capsule Connect.

How can I accomplish this?


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See the following SK: 
It may have other implications, including break Visitor Mode for Remote Access VPN and not allow other people to add your site to their VPN client.

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