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Mobile access portal customization - Password regulations

Hello all,


I am using Check Point Mobile Access blade with a radius server and 2FA(Duo mobile)


We have made some changes in our configuration and are now able to change the password in a "Password Expired" situation (Something we did not have before... Instead we referred our users to our OWA site to check and change their password...)


What I would like to know is if there is a way to edit the Web portal in that instance where they are prompt to enter new password... 

Basically what I would like to have is the screen for "Your password has expired, Please enter a new password" an additional lines stating our password complexity policy... Or better yet attach a jpeg/png file with our rules(That way I could use a picture with non-English letters...)


*The reason for that is very simple... Too many employees that (for the life of me) are having trouble remembering that they are not suppose to use their 3 last password, 8 characters minimum etc' etc' etc'


From what I gather I was able to find this:


And also this:


None of them gave me the answer I needed... So instead I address the wisdom of the good people here at CheckMates...


Do you think that there is a way?



Dont really think that the TAC will know how to handle this.. Not without involving the r&d anyway... Since this is more of a code design and not an "error" or "bug" or some issue....


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There’s two problems here: getting the notification to change the password, and customizing that.
As far as I know, we don’t “see” the “you should change your password” message from RADIUS, which means there’s nothing to customize really.

In R80.40, you can configure Mobile Access to authenticate via SAML, which opens up more possibilities for this (namely have it handed as part of your authentication with Duo).

Or are you talking about changing your password in an app you connect to via the MAB portal (OWA in this case)?

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