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Mobile access accessible through proxy arp address

Hello all,

I'm trying to enable the Mobile access blade through an IP "given" to the firewall through arp. I have a connection from the gateway to the ISP router with private addressing and the ISP forwards the static public IP to that network and I have to add an arp entry to the gaia ui so that I can use it. The only issue I've found so far is that If I publish a manual nat from that static IP, port 443 to the gateway, also port 443, I can't use the MAB feature. It works on the inside network but not from the internet.

Do you guys/girls have any suggestion on what I should check? I see the packet arriving at the gateway followed by a RST packet from the gateway itself. I have other manual nat entries working to internal hosts without any issue.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You need to explicitly set the Mobile Access Portal.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 7.39.41 AM.png

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