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Mobile Client - Machine Authentication and Customized MSI

hi guys,


i'm trying to setup a Machine Authentication using certificate (release from our Active Directory CA) and create a custom MSI to deploy via a GPO.

The main problem is that, if i'm starting from scratch (install clean CheckPoint agent, configure just the site - without login, modify trac.defaults, repackaging everything with VPNConfig - using edited trac.defaults and trac.config from the installation), the only way to get MA working is to connect first time with a correct username&password, and after that the MA start working.

There is a way to avoid this? I've readed twice the documentation, but this part isn't too much clear.

Thanks in advance!

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ok i found a work-around.
Configuring the site using "CAPI certificate" will deploy the client and automatically connect without user intervention 🙂