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Licenses nessesary for Endpoint VPN(2 questions)

  •     If we have CPSB-EP-COMPLETE-LICENSE, do we need purchase  additional CPSB-MOB-X  license in order to implement Endpoint Vpn connection from my remote users laptops?

    According to   - NO, WE DO NOT purchase additional CPSB-MOB-X  license - But some of Checkpoint technicians assure me that i have to purchase  CPSB-MOB-X  license

  •      Why we need Endpoint VPN software blade license on the Security Management Server? (look sk above)
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CPSB-EP-COMPLETE includes Remote Access and should not require CPSB-MOB licenses.

Endpoint licenses are always installed on the management, which are distributed as necessary to the relevant gateways.

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thank you very much!!!