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Implementation SecuRemote

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to configure client-to-site VPN but I'm having some issues.

I was using Endpoint Security and I had no problem but I don't have sufficient licenses.

Then I tried to implement the SecuRemote solution and there began to arise some doubts.

Reading the documentation I realized that the configuration is basically the same except for office mode. The documentation states that it is not possible to use office mode with SecuRemote. I read in some forums that there is a need to enable a NAT pool but I have not found anything in the Administration Guide. I was able to enable that option but I didn't quite understand how to implement it.

My big question is: Is it possible to implement something like office mode with SecuRemote?

How do I get users to access remotely and have an ip of a certain range (as in office mode), for example: 192.168.x.x / 24

I'm using R80.10 in both Management and Gateway and I'm using SecuRemote VPN E80.70

Is there a step by step setup for SecuRemote? I have looked and found nothing that clearly explains.


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Hi Kurt,

indeed, you could use IP Pool NAT for that, sk39327 explains quite well how to configure it


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It is not possible to have Office Mode with SecuRemote. If Office Mode can not be used, the RA VPN client connects to the GW using its local IP. This IP has to be known by the GW and access has to be granted by the rulebase. SecuRemote, the licenseless CP RA VPN client always uses this kind of connection.


But this will not work if RA VPN clients get their IPs dynamically or their IP is changed from time to time / all 24 hours.

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