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How to disable split tunneling for some users while enabling it for other users

Setup is R80.10 in VSX, two gateways in cluster, VSLS. One VS is acting as the VPN gateway.

I need to disable split tunneling for some users. So I need to route all traffic to the gateway for them.

But I also need to allo split tunneling for other users.

I need to force this settings; I don't want to let users decide or configure it on the client.

VPN clients used are either Capsule VPN running on Windows 10, or Remote Access VPN client for Windows.


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Hi, I followed the aforementioned sk114882 and it did not work for me.

Our setup is the following: r80.20m2 manager which is a vm and  2 physical appliances running r80.10.

I followed the exact same procedure in order to disable split tunneling (ie route all traffic via the gateway) on a Checkpoint group named "ttm_finance". I did the changes on the relevant config (finance.ttm) which resides both on the manager as well as the gateways under $FWDIR/conf directory

Whenever I initiate a client2site vpn connection with a user who belongs to "ttm_finance" , I cannot see the extra default route  on my PC.

Obviously there's something I am missing...

Any guidance should be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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