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HTTP Content-Security-Policy

Has anyone been able to configure the "snappymail webmail
behind the Mobile Blade user portal?

I'm using R81.0 and the web application is configured with HT.

It seems that this web application sends a Content-Security-Policy
header with a nonce in "script-src" that blocks javascript injected by the MobileBlade portal.
( )

Is it possible to tweak the injected javascript to add the nonce to the Content-Security-Policy header?

Best Regards,

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I am experiencing a similar issue with Content Security Policy (CSP) restrictions causing blockages. It seems that the security measures in place are impacting the accessibility of certain content.

I believe that addressing this concern is crucial for a smoother user experience. maintain the necessary security while ensuring that legitimate content is not unduly restricted.

Has anyone found a resolution to this problem or have suggestions on how we can navigate around CSP limitations without compromising security?

Looking forward to hearing your insights and experiences.

Best regards,

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