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Gaia R81_T392_JHF_T44 - Mobile Access Blade - guacd - Guacamole (remote audio, keyboard layout ...)

Hi guys,

we have following szenario ...

We use two R81_T392_JHF_T44 gateways in a cluster. Last week we activated the internal guacamole function (Guacamole-Based Clientless RDP) over the mobile access blade. Our docker container with guacd has the version 1.2.0. 

Basically it works fine. We just have some points where we need improvement.

  • When we get locked out after idle time or we have a reconnect on the remote machine (windows 10) the german keyboard layout does not work anymore. In this case we have to change the keyboard layout setting to english an then i can continue with the german layout. That is strange ...
  • Is it possible to activate the remote audio input like a microphone? We haven't seen a possibility in the config files ($CVPNDIR/conf/cvpnd.C). 
  • Remote audio output is recognised, but doesn't work. Has anyone an idea?
  • The default value from guacamolePreferQualityOverPerformance in $CVPNDIR/conf/cvpnd.C is set to false. That's fine. We tried also the "quality setting" with true, but that is too much quality and rather for LAN scenarios. Is it possible to activate only the support of font smoothing. That would be important, otherwise it is hard to work ...

Our settings:

:guacamoleServerHostname (hostname of the docker server)
:guacamoleServerPort (port of the guacd)
:guacamoleServerEnableSsl (true)
:guacamoleValidateApplicationServerCertificate (false)
:guacamolePreferQualityOverPerformance (true)
:showRemoteDesktopSectionOnlyIfLinksExist (true)
:guacamoleRdpSecurityMode (any)

It would be great to get some support.

Best regards,




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To get support i would suggest to contact CP TAC ! 

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R81.20 has some new features for Guacamole:
guacamoleServerKeyboardLayout := With this parameter you are able to set the keyboard-layout for RDP
guacamoleRdpCustomSettings := insteat of using guacamolePreferQualityOverPerformance you can define your own settings

eg: guacamoleRdpCustomSettings attribute1=value1;attribute2=value2
We just used enable-wallpaper and enable-font-smoothing

It works fine, unfortunately Copy/Paste between local desktop and rdp-sessions fails with extendet characters.

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