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Error code 26702



I am having an error installing CheckPointVPN with the Windows Installer package "E80.90_CheckPointVPN.msi". I have tried the newest version too, but end up getting the same error. 

The error is attached. Even when I try repairing or removing/uninstalling it, it shows the same error. 

I would be thankful for every help, since I need to get this installed and working immediately. 


Thanks & regards


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There’s an issue with a range of versions that requires a patch in order to uninstall or upgrade.
Get it from here:

Run the patch.
Then you can uninstall or upgrade to the most recent release.


Hi, I also have trouble installing Check Point Endpoint VPN, E83.20, on Windows 10. The MSI installer fails with error code 26702.

So far I:

- ran the patch EPPatch.msi as suggested in sk171213

- tried to uninstall the old client, version 80.92, which resulted in an infinite hangup and only apparently went through after using Revo Uninstaller on it

- in between my many attempts, got the windows/SysWOW64/vsdata.dll error as well as the 26702 one, but am unable to rename that file even with local admin privileges

- have an epklib.bad and an epklib.sys.delete file in windows/system32/drivers

I simply cannot install the new EP client, the installer WILL NOT run. I am desperate, I have no VPN connection to my office and colleagues have been struggling to help me.

Please advise on how to proceed.  The current situation is: patch installed, old client uninstalled (no longer shows in the list of apps), new client installer failing with 26702.

Absolutely desperate here, I have no VPN for 2 days now.


Well, we finally "fixed" it. We uninstalled (with Revo, including scans and removal of orphaned registry keys etc) all versions of CP Smart Console on this machine and deleted all the CP related folders we could find. Then a reboot and installation of Endpoint VPN 83.20, which went through...

Go figure. I still don't feel good about this situation (it's unclear what the problem was), but for now, "works for me"...



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