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Dynamic ID Authenication failed


I am using two-factor authentication and would like to use both sending possibilities, either by sms or by email, as some providers that provide support do not have a mobile phone.
It seems to me that in the past it worked fine, but now it doesn't work anymore. I have version 80.40.

To configure the two sending possibilities, I use the following syntax for the Dynamic ID:
sms:$USERNAME&password=$PASSWORD&address=$PHONE&message=$MESSAGE mail:TO=$EMAIL;SMTPSERVER=xx.xx.xx.xx;;BODY=$RAWMESSAGE

If I specify the phone number in the user's "mobile" field, it works fine, the sms arrives fine.
On the other hand if I do not specify a phone number in the "mobile" field of the LDAP user, normally this should automatically switch to the "mail" field of this same user.
But I get a "Dynamic Id authentication failed" error and the message is not sent.

Do you have any idea what I can do to resolve this?

I looked a little at the different articles available on the subject but nothing was useful to me because it does not really correspond to my case.
For example :

Thansk if you can help me.
Best regards.

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Maybe your SMTP server requires authentication? Did you try to put the following:


Where USER and PASSWORD must be URL Encoded (sk144712)


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