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Differentiation of users by authentication methods.

Hi colleags, please help me find a solution.
At the moment, we have many VPN users who connect through the VPN client using their credentials.
We want to gradually change the schema to certificate+username/password.
Unfortunately, I have not found a solution to how to do it gradually.

For example, for one group of users in AD (as example "VPN_Credentials"), the username/password method works, and for another (as example "VPN_Certificate"), certificate+username/password.
Thus, we could painlessly transfer users to a more secure authentication scheme.
In this case, it is necessary that a specific authentication method be available to users only from for a specific group.

Those. for users in a group "VPN_Credentials" - only username/password method.
For users in a group"VPN_Certificate" - only certificate+username/password method.

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@Royi_Priov this is still an RFE, right?

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