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Connection to RA VPN from Gateway Internal Network

Hello All,

I have RA VPN configured and running properly on 15000 appliance. The only thing is that sometimes I need to connect to RA VPN from LAN network but now I cannot. I checked policies and NAT rules and nothing seems to be blocking. Wonder maybe something extra I have to do for that to work. In another office, it is working but the device is configured previous to me by Checkpoint Technician. I compared policies from both appliances and nothing special on working one.

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@OrkhanRustamli, try the following:
Once a remote access VPN client has opened a connection, the hosts behind the VPN Security Gateway can open a return or back connection to the remote access VPN client. For a back connection to succeed, the remote access client's details must be maintained on all the devices between the remote access VPN client and the VPN Security Gateway, and on the VPN Security Gateway itself.
1. In SmartConsole, click Menu > Global properties.
2. In the Additional Properties section, select Enable Back Connections (fromgateway to client).
3. Click OK.
4. Install the Access Control Policy on the VPN Security Gateway.
See Remote Access VPN Admin guide, NAT and Back Connections from Gateway to Client
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