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Client VPN Redundancy


I need some inputs/document links for the following requirement.

We currently have a Hybrid network setup with On-Prem CheckPoint appliance and CloudGuard for Cloud Infrastructure, all connecting using a Site to Site VPN.

The Client VPN is setup on On-Premise Gateways and users connect using Endpoint Security client.

In the scenario where On-Prem network becomes unreachable (eg: when there's a power maintenance outage) we want to be able to connect to CloudGuards for Client VPN .
We have spoken to our CheckPoint representative earlier about this and they said it is possible to implement VPN on CloudGuard with additional licenses for CloudGuard gateways which will provide us with dropdown like option to connect to VPN site of our choice.

Is there a specific document that we can go through to configure this? Not aware of the technologies we should be implementing.
Should I be looking at MEP?

Any help would be appreciated.



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It's basically the same setup as for your existing gateways (i.e. you follow the same steps).
Once you push policy and users connect again, they should see another site option to connect to in their client.
That assumes both sites are managed by the same management server/domain.
If they are managed by a different management server/domain, users will need to add the site manually.

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