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Checkpoint on Mozilla Firefox

Hi, friends! I'm posting on gen topics cause I'm not even sure where I'm supposed to post this.

I'm having an issue using Checkpoint VPN (Mobile Access Portal Agent) on Mozilla Firefox release 89.

It used to work fine, after I did something going to localhost:14186/id as seen on some tutorial somewhere I can't remember.

But then today, all of sudden, I was trying to connect so I could work, and it stabilished the connection but closed the checkpoint window and made the vpn connection close.

I tried starting the checkpoint service, uninstalling everything and reinstalling, using firefox 32bits...

The last attempt, it kept asking me to install the Mobile Portal Access Agent, even thou it was already installed.

I can't do the localhost thing now, cause it gives me back an error.



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This is a Remote Access issue.
Beyond that, I’m not clear why you would be connecting to localhost:14186 (and with what, exactly?)
The Mobile Access Blade Deployment Agent requires JRE or OpenJDK to be installed on your PC.
This is probably going to require troubleshooting with your gateway admin.

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I do have the JRE installed.

And the mobile access portal agent too.

But it keeps asking me to download and install it.

It doesn't log me in when I click on connect, it only says that I have to download and install, but that's already done.

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Hm...are you saying this ONLY happens to you on mozilla firefox and not any other browser?

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