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Check Point Mobile VPN Error

I recently received an R730 Appliance, I am trying to configure Remote Access. I turned on the VPN Remote Access Control blade and created a user. The Box for "Allow traffic from a Remote Access Users" is checked. When I select How to connect, I email myself the directions, When I select the cpvpn link, capsule opens up but i get this error: Site Creation Error: Missing host fingerprint. What am I missing here? Under advanced for Certificate authentication its set to Automatically use the last installed certificate.

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Hi Jonathan,

Could you please answer the following questions so we can assist you fully:

1) What connection methods have you selected under VPN >> Blade Control?

2) Have you selected the "Allow traffic from Remote Access users (by default)" option?

3) What type of users are going to require remote access (RADIUS, AD or local users)?

Many thanks.

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  1.  Check Point VPN Clients and Mobile Clients
  2. Yes this is checked
  3. 1 User and No group defined with VPN remote access permissions. (Local User)
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