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R80.30 JHF - New Ongoing Take #76 -->Replaced with take #71

A new Ongoing Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take for R80.30 (Take #76) is available. Please refer to sk153152.


Release Highlight:

This take replacement include a fix that allow installation of JHF #3 (Take #76) on top of JHF #2 (Take #50) without manually un-install JHF #2 (Take #50) first.

Besides form the above, take content has no change.



Please note the following:

  • The new release will be mention in the JHF sk153152.
  • The new release will not be published via CPUSE as a recommended version.
  • Availability:

o   Will be provided by customer support

o   Available for download via CPUSE by using package identifier.




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There is one very important change in JT 76:

Starting from Take 76 of R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator, each Take can be installed also on Check Point R80.30 with Gaia OS 3.10 (R80.30 3.10) Take 300.