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Product Announcements

Product Announcements

When Check Point announces a new version of product or a new jumbo hotfix, we'll announce it here.

Hi All,

I’m thrilled to announce that our SandBlast Agent Cloud management platform support our new SandBlast agent for Linux, and it’s already in public EA Stage and would become  GA very soon.

The SandBlast Agent for Linux has two strong engines

The first one will protect your machine with Check Point Anti Malware engine.

The second one is our Threat Hunting engine, which will let you investigate, drill-down, and dig into the details.

You can now join this EA for free.

Just drop an email to Guy.

Watch the below video to see it in action

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Early Availability Production Programs let you experience and participate in shaping Check Point products by test driving pre-release versions and providing detailed feedback. 

R81 is the industry’s most advanced threat prevention and security management software for the data center, cloud, mobile, endpoint and IoT environment. R81 is equipped with every Quantum Security GatewayTM and features the highest level of security from SandBlast Zero-day protection to extend coverage for all products and protocols.  ...


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