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R80.30 3.10 EA Program is Now Available

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R80.30 3.10 for Security Gateway and VSX, part of the Check Point Infinity architecture, delivers the most innovative and effective security that keeps our customers protected against large scale, fifth generation cyber threats. 

What's New:

  • Improved firewall resiliency.
  • Support for IPv6 (Resolving a R80.20 3.10 limitation).
  • Clustering and VSX capabilities:
    • Unicast support for Cluster Control Protocol eliminating the need for CCP using Broadcast or Multicast modes).
    • MAC magic configuration is no longer needed.
  • New kernel capabilities:
    • Upgraded Linux kernel
    • New partitioning system (gpt):
      • Supports more than 2TB physical/logical drives
    • Faster file system (xfs)
    • Supporting larger system storage (up to 48TB tested)
    • I/O related performance improvements
    • Multi-Queue:
      • Full Gaia Clish support for Multi-Queue commands
      • Automatic "on by default" configuration
    • SMB v2/3 mount support in Mobile Access blade
    • Added NFSv4 (client) support (NFS v4.2 is the default NFS version used)
    • Support of new system tools for debugging, monitoring and configuring the system:
      • iotop (provides I/O runtime stats)
      • lshw (provides detailed information about all HW)
      • lsusb (provides information about all devices connected to USB)
      • lsscsi (provides information about storage)
      • ps (new version, more counters)
      • psmisc (new version, more counters)
      • top (new version, more counters)
      • iostat (new version, more counters
    • New glibc: glibc-2.17-157
    • New ethtool: ethtool-4.8-7
    • New Bash: bash-4.2.46-29
    • lbzip2 support (free, multi-threaded compression utility)
    • xz support
    • rsync support

Not Supported in Public EA

    • Netflow
    • DCHP Relay

Supported Platforms

Production EA

  • We are looking for Production environment and customers that would like to work directly with R&D
  • Existing working environments in R80.30 / R80.20 3.10 / R80.20 / R80.10 / R77.30
  • Contact us:

Public EA Registration

For lab/non-production use, you are welcome to register via UserCenter/PartnerMap. 


  • Register to the Public EA release via - -> TRY OUR PRODUCTS -> Early Availability Programs -> CPEA-EVAL-R80.30-3.10


  • Register to the Public EA release via - -> LEARN -> Early Availability Programs -> CPEA-EVAL-R80.30-3.10

Contact us: