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R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator - New GA Take 87

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That was a crazy proceeding with JT 87 going GA ! At 11 am, our customer contacted us regarding Jumbo 87 download as the CPUSE cloud download did not work anymore. I replicated the issue and found that neither of the two versions were available in the CP cloud for CPUSE download anymore !

I suggested that there may be a bug in the release that had made CP to stop download of this version and gave the advise not to install already downloaded packages of JT 87.

Only about 15h i saw that JT 87 was GA now and contacted the customer with these good news...


I'm glad Check Point has finally addressed this issue regarding monitoring of standby cluster members in a GA release!

I hope this fixes a handful of our issues when we upgraded from 77.30 to 80.20


Does it apply to r80.20 cloud guard?

I m still using fwkern settings fwha_cluster_hide_active_only=1. for cloudguard r80.20.

If the now hotfix doesn't allow it, i think i will not upgrade the hotfix until further release