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R80.20.30 for Quantum Spark Appliances

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Updated firmware for Quantum Spark 1500/1600/1800 Appliances 
Download links available in sk173185

What's New


  • Support for IPv6 local network and internet connections.

  • Support for IPv6 internet connections on internal LTE.

  • DSLite (Dual Stack Lite)

    • Allows tunneling IPv4 traffic over IPv6 networks.

  • IPv6 Prefix Delegation
    For a list of detailed IPv6 features and limitations, see sk174348

VoIP Wizard

New VoIP wizard which simplifies configuration of the five most common VoIP topologies (see sk113573 for more details):

  • IP-Phones (only) behind the firewall that register to an external [cloud] PBX/VoIP Provider.

  • IP-Phones and an Internal PBX that register/use an external [cloud] PBX/VoIP Provider.

  • IP-Phones and Internal PBX(s) behind multiple sites connected through VPN.

  • Soft-Phones and Internal PBX behind multiple sites connected through Client-to-Site VPN.

  • External IP-Phones that register to an internal PBX.

MAC Based Filtering

  • Allow list -EA level

  • Deny list - Add a deny list mode to MAC filtering that can block access to any MAC address that exists in the MAC filtering table.

  • Allow/Deny list is supported on 1500 appliances and applicable only to LAN ports.

LTE enhancements -EA level

Auto APN based on SIM identifier

  • Automatically set an APN based on SIM MCC/MNC (Mobile Country Code/Mobile Network Code).

    The following carriers are supported (all other carriers can set APN manually). For more information, see sk157412

    • Verizon

    • TELUS

    • Rogers

SMP Access Policy

  • SMP Access Policy Rule Base was enhanced to support the following objects:

    • Applications and custom URLs

    • Domains

    • Geolocation

    • IPv6

Supporting Block page on bridged VLAN

  • New advanced parameter which allow redirect to blocking page on tagged VLAN over bridge

Internet probing for long-term statistics

  • CLI command to enable a user to get statistics about the internet connection quality (latency, packet loss, etc.) during the last 24 hours.

  • Resolution of 1 minute for the last hour and 1 hour resolution for the rest.

Reach My Device (RMD) on demand

  • RMD tunnel to the Security Gateway now only opens on demand. This should increase stability and scalability of RMD services

Secure backup through FTP

  • Ability to save backup files to remote server through SCP, SFTP, FTPS and other protocols in addition to FTP.



SmartProvisioning script implementation for Quantum Spark Appliances - EA level (see the configuration sk174425) :

  • Allows running SmartProvisioning configuration scripts which skips when errors are encountered (does not terminate the configuration script).

Supporting Block page on bridged VLAN (see the configuration sk123035) :

  • New advanced parameter which allow to redirect users to a blocking page on tagged VLAN over bridge.


Supported Appliances

  • 1500 Series: 1530, 1550, 1570, 1570R, and 1590 appliances.
  • 1600 appliances.
  • 1800 appliances.