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New SG Appliances announced 6500 & 6800

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We’ve announced in CPX Asia 2 new Security Gateways appliances: 6500 & 6800. The Check Point 6500 and 6800 are a new generation of high performance Security Gateways for the enterprise market segment. With the new 6000 series, enterprise customers can enable advanced threat prevention and inspect for threats within TLS encrypted traffic.


The 6500 and 6800 will be available in the Check Point Product Catalog from February 1st.

Datasheets are available for download now.

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With the introduction of the 6500 & 6800 we are taking the opportunity to simplify and accelerate our business processes.

These new products and all of their accessories are priced with significant discounts incorporated in their list prices. This shortens sales cycles and eliminates dependencies in discounting processes.

In addition we revisited how we offer our Security Gateways. Instead of dozens of tedious appliance SKUs, each model will be available in 2 simple configurations: base and PLUS. Both are equipped with our existing and well-known Next Generation Threat Prevention subscription for the first year. The PLUS option adds a richer hardware configuration; redundant components when supported by the gateway, SSDs and extra memory for additional connection capacity. The base option comes with Hard Disk Drive(s) and supports local management while the PLUS with SSD disk(s) does not.


With the ~50% price reduction in accessories there are also stricter discounting policies which are also incorporated into the Check Point Product Catalog.


I would like to take this opportunity and thank the many groups that were involved in the introduction of these 2 new appliances – R&D, QA, Finance, NPI, Product Infrastructure, Planning, Business Analysis, Legal – great Teamwork!


Feel free to contact me in any question or query regarding the 6500 & 6800.

Wishing you a successful and fruitful 2019.


Yaron Weiler
Security Gateways Product Manager


I've been comparing the datasheets for the 5600 and the 6500 and I'm a bit confused.

Things like the UDP 1518 throughput is basically the same but the 5600 does about 2 Gbps more VPN throughput and we do have a lot of VPNs currently. The 6500’s connections per second is much lower but the concurrent connections are much higher. I’d really like to know what’s different in the 6500 as it seems to maybe just be a new CPU and possibly faster RAM/Disk but nothing else?

I did also notice the 6500 has hyperthreading but I still hear that’s not recommended a lot of the time.

Hi Aidan,

The 5600 connection were measured in R80.10, while 6500 was measured with R80.20.

The later OS version introduced reduction in the # of connections and as a result the 6500 shows lesser connections than the 5400.

In other words – it’s not apples-to-apples.


Hope it is clear now




Hi Yaron, I see the 6000 series take a special build image "Dual Image R80.20 (Take 101) / R80.10 Gaia Clean Install for 6000 appliance."  For the R80.10 side, does this image have some jumbo hot fix accumulator version 'built in'?  It seems to have slightly different version information from the standard R80.10 build.  Thanks for any info.