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EA program for the new Mobile Access portal

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The below has been released as part of R81.
If you wish to leverage the features of the new Mobile Access portal, you will need to upgrade to R81.

Key features of the new portal:

  • Redesigned scan results
  • Discontinued SNX connection pop-ups
  • User friendly language selector
  • Removed need for extra clicks during sign-out
  • Added ability to launch all applications in separate tabs
  • Settings / favorites are implemented as pop-up windows
  • Non-configured items are not shown
  • Full support of mainstream browsers on all major platforms


Portal customization

The new MAB portal has simplified customization capabilities. Since it has completely new page markup there is no need to follow the complicated instructions and change PHP files. Customer specifies its brand identity and we will provide a customization package tailored to its needs. Or the new style can be easily applied by the person with minimal knowledge in HTML and CSS.


We kindly invite you to try the new portal. It is available as early take of R81 or hotfix on top of R80.30 Jumbo take 196 and R80.40 Jumbo take 48 security gateways. Hotfixes can be installed on standalone gateways, clusters HA/LS and VSX.

Please contact me (@MaksimBahunou) or @AndreiR to get the latest hotfixes.

Enjoy and please provide your feedback to us.