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CloudGuard IaaS Group is Pleased to Announce the Release of R80.40 in Azure

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R80.40 was announced on January 28, 2020.

R80.40 was already released in AWS and GCP.


Important: Version R80.40 initially recommended for customers who are interested in implementing the new features described at the formal announcement. Check Point will declare the version as default after a significant adaptation and currently, R80.30 is the recommended version.


GitHub Templates and Azure Marketplace

The new R80.40 templates for the Azure marketplace are in the publication process. The publication process can take a few weeks. In the meanwhile, R80.40 templates for easy solutions deployment can be found in our GitHub repository together with instruction for use.


Released Azure Templates in GitHub

  • Single GW
  • Management
  • Multi-Domain Server
  • HA (High Availability)
  • Scale Set
  • Standalone (available for deployment from Single GW template)



Python2 is no longer supported (since Jan 1st, 2020) as such we are in the process of updating all of our CloudGuard IaaS products. The newly released R80.40 images in Azure are already updated to Python3.


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