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[Announcement] R80.20 Gateway with new Linux kernel is GA in Azure & AWS

Hi Everyone,


We are glad to announce that R80.20 Gateway with new Linux kernel is now generally available in Azure & AWS.


The new image offers significant improvements:



  • R77.30 based solutions will be removed soon from the marketplace.
  • For specific exceptional cases where R77.30 is needed, please contact Check Point TAC.
  • Only standard deployment is supported for single R80.20 gateway. Standalone and custom configuration modes are not supported.
  • In order to manage R80.20 gateways using R80.10 Management Server JHF take 177 or later must be installed.
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Nice! Great progress with performance..


We are using Multi-queue features with the Azure Accelarated Networking .

As documented ,Multi-queue is only supported igbe,ixgbe and mlx5_core.

But we got Azure Accelarated Networking as mlx4_core,do you guys ever test this driver on the new version?


Hello Dawei,

We added it specifically for Azure (mix4_core) EN. 

It is fully supported on Azure as you can configure it with cpmq. 


  it think it would have been a good idea to keep the image name starting with "Check Point" as for other images and not just "CloudGuard IaaS High Availability". I didn't find the image at first and the "Fresh install" comment in the download section here wasn't very helpful as this isn't something possible in Azure - it's a redeployment.

 Also, can you post some VPN performance test results? With R80.10 I would only get up to 500Mbps throughput for Site2Site. Will try to get the new version deployed tomorrow and run the same tests.

Thank you!



Hi Constantin,

I'll take this up with the relevant parties and see what can be done to improve this. I know that the decision was debated back and forth - there is a character limit on the image names and this was the compromise that was eventually reached.

Based on your feedback we'll have to reevaluate the decision and see if it might make more sense to rename the image.

Regarding the question about VPN numbers - that info is still pending. 

We'll release the info as soon as we have the numbers.