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Deep Dive into New Integrations with Infinity XDR/XPR and Playblocks - Materials, EMEA/Americas

Slides are attached.
Q&A is below the video.

Is Co pilot available now for XDR?

Yes, it's in early availability and open for all XDR customers right now

Is the Infinity Co-Pilot assistant included on the licenses for XDR/XPR?

The copilot will be licensed separately, the details are still being finalized

How do you isolate the endpoint? Via defender or do i need the endpoint client on the endpoint?

You can do it via Defender (as always), or you can do it via Playblocks using the isolate Defender automation that we have. You can it manually from the UI, and it's also possible to invoke it with APIs.

Do you presently have, or are considering in the near future, implement Playblocks integration with switches and access points allowing isolation of compromised clients from local network segments?

If you're referring to devices by Check Point the answer is yes. For 3rd parties - it may happen down the road but it's not on our plan for 2024

Could XDR be integrated with Cisco ISE?

Yes, via the existing integration with Quantum Security Gateways and Identity Awareness.

Can you buy Playblocks separate from XDR or have to quote

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