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syslog (Security Gateway) vs Log Exporter

Check Point R81. The objective is to send logs to third party syslog (I'm speaking about logs appearing in SmartConsole under "Logs and Monitor").

I followed instructions reported here: Working with Syslog Servers; basically I added the syslog server under Security Gateway > Logs > Send logs and alerts to these log servers. So now there are two servers: Check Point Management and syslog server.

However no logs appears on the destination (syslog server); any idea on how to troubleshooting the issue ? I tried with a tcpdump  (source: Security Gateway, destination: syslog server) but no traffic appears.

Is the solution applied (above), the right one to achieve the objective ?

I also discovered the Log Exporter that seems to be the same thing...? So now, which is the difference between Log Exporter vs syslog forward from Security Gateway ? (Yes, I already know the first one is on Management and the second one is from Security Gateway).

Thank you a lot,

Security Gateways Management 

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Hey @lucafabbri365,


Did you change the logging properties of the gateways in step 3 (fwsyslog enable)? If you're not seeing any traffic in your tcpdump capture, it might be worth changing it to only include the destination ip of your syslog server, just incase your security gateway is behind a NATd address. Also, running fw ctl zdebug + drop | grep ip_of_syslog_server and see if you can see any drops there.


I'm not sure of the specifics between the two methods, but I much prefer the log_exporter route. I have two log_exporter instances running, which I find ery useful and gives me better control over what logs I wish to export.


The SK for this is SK122323 

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Hello AaronCP,

Log Exporter does what I really need and it is working fine.

The procedure for enabling syslog in Working with Syslog Servers article includes three point; the third one is fwsyslog that I didn't enable because I thought: "I don't want kernel logs". I suppose logs from Security Gateway are related to system, not "surfing". So I remain with Log Exporter.

Thank you,

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