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sslvpn user traffic inspected by App Control\URL Filtering

Hi All,

First time post.  I'm running R80.20 and after a long process, I was finally able to disable split tunneling for sslvpn connetions (on our test fw) and I can now see all of my traffic traversing the sslvpn tunnel.  However, none of my browsing traffic is being inspected by my App Control/URL Filtering blades..which I need.  My traffic is hitting the Mobile Access policy rule and being allowed, but no inspection.  If I connect via my vpn client (Checkpoint Mobile for Windows), my traffic does get inspected just fine...but not the sslvpn traffic.  Any suggestions?  The sslvpn and vpn connections get office mode ip's from the same /24 pool, so from an ip perspective, traffic should be treated the same.



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SSL VPN and IPsec VPN are processsed differently by the gateway.
As a result, I'm pretty sure some blades won't see the traffic.
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