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recommendations for transferring old logs off SmartCenter instance?

Hello --  (apologies in advance for this rudimentary question).

I'm looking for ideas and insight on experiences with methods to transfer rotated Log Files (there a five individual files per "log") off old SmartCenter following an advanced upgrade.

The contents of $FWDIR/logs can be upwards of 200-400G.     Customer will have some type of rotation policy in place.   There will be a ZILLION files in this folder.

I personally have tried the following:

  1. TGZ all or portion of log files
  2. connect to remote FTP service
  3. connect to remote file server via SAMBA (after enabling smb client locally and mounting file share).
  4. mount local USB device (FOB or drive).


It's all quite cumbersome and time consuming.     I'm trying to come up with something that customer can do without (a) my direct involvement and hand-holding, and (b) no advanced linux skills for customer.

Customers rarely want to pay multiple hours of consulting $$$ to cover the hours and hours required to move these files.

thoughts?  -GA

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You’ve basically highlighted the various options for copying the logs.
A tgz is probably a bad idea for larger amounts of logs.

Another variant might be a script similar to the one here: