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path Identity Agent log


We noticed by one of our customer that the path of the location of the clients logs seems to have changed for Full_agent and Multiuser Agent (MUH) in R81.018.0000 and R81.023.0000.

Before it was C:\Windows\Temp

Now C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\Identity Agent\Debug

We are tying to understand why it is so.

Is this the normal path with those version?

And is there is a possibility to set this path back to C:\Windows\Temp

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This was changed a while ago. We noticed this change while updating from R80.219.0000 to R80.234.0000.

Why this was changed, I don't know either.

In Full Agent, only the path for MAD services (MADService.exe) logs was changed (for ia_client.log and machine_authentication_Log.log). The path for IA GUI client (IdentityAgent.exe) was not changed (still users %temp%\GUI_ia_client.log).

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