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mgmt_cli - references between VSX host and VS members

When I last had to do this, I 'solved' it by using 'vsx_provisioning_tool show vd', but that's not great - it requires comms to the firewalls, one at a time and is very slow.  So....

How does one, in script/API, find member VS of a VSX host?  Or, conversely, given a member VS, how do you find its parent?  Assuming you know an objId, you show the generic-object.... and none of the fields seem to give you any clue about the relationships.

I'm using MDS, btw, so it's a little complicated by wondering which domain or global these might be stored in.

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Looks like Check Point is not willing to create more than 1 API related to VSX. The only one API which is known is vsx-run-operation, available starting from R81 (API version 1.7).

No chance to check anything, even no possibility to add/delete/modify routes/VLANs.

Classic VSX utilities (vsx_util, vsx_provisioning_tool) can do some of these things, but not as part of API.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Plans in this space (VSX APIs) were discussed recently at CPX but currently their is no ETA that I'm aware of. 

In the interim please discuss your RFEs with your local SE.

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