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mds_backup vs gaia backup


I can't find differences, can someone please explain? If I want to restore the entire Multi-domain server what should I use?

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The difference is really minimal.

  • MDS backup only backups the MGMT structure, but not OS settings.
  • It terms of the size, Gaia backup is just a bit bigger, because of the OS parameters also being saved.
  • Gaia backup can be scheduled, and automatically transferred to an external SCP server
  • mds_backup needs to be scripted and cron-ed to run regularly
  • Both will restore MDS server, but mds_backup has to be put on a machine where all OS parameters are already configured.

In practice, use what you are comfortable with. Also, check the result backup size before deciding.

I hope this helps.


Hi @Martin_Raska 
You can think about Gaia backup as a general tool that will backup all product related content that is running on the specified machine.

Products can be - Os, FW, VPN, MGMT/MDS, Smart view, etc.., You can see more information here.

When you execute Gaia backup on an MDS machine it will run the mds_backup tool for you (with basic parameters) in addition to all other applicable application that relevant for that backup execution.

you can think about running the mds_backup as a subset of all the possible information that you can collect,

The question is what is your restore procedure - 

In case you are interested only in the MDS content, you can manually use this tool.
If you want/need to save additional information from the machine, you should use Gaia backup
For more information regarding the different backup options, click here 








I found/think the biggest difference is mds_backup can be imported to another machine or vm with different JHF. But regular backup has to match HW, version, JHF, Correct?


In the term of Multidomain does migrate_server works at the same way as regular SMS? I mean use it for upgrate from R80.40 to R81 or use CPUSE for upgrade.

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