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lost gateways objects in mgmt

Hi ,

Our support company has tried to push policy to all 30 gateways at the same and at some stage mgmt server stopped sending updates , but the worst is we've lost 80% of gateways from management dashboard. All policies, objects etc is in place but objects disappeared, also mgmt server has gone from dashboard. Mgmt srv is in Azure, vers 80.40. CHeckpoint advised rebooting Azure, didn't help. Does anyone encounter on the same issue? What might be the reason and how to fix it? Thnaks 

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Continue troubleshooting with TAC, escalate where needed.

Do you have backups / database exports to revert to last known good?

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Hey there,

Had a similar issue with one of our clients last year. I just had a look at the SR and in our case TAC followed the process documented in sk140394 to resolve the issue.  Of course this is not to say you have exactly the same issue, just the same symptoms. 

This seems to be a TAC-only SK, so you will have to work with them to resolve.


Hi Konix,

My name is Ran Kopelman and I’m a group manager in Check Point R&D, responsible for the management server’s quality.
It seems that you are facing a known issue that was fixed in R81.10 as part of a big architecture change we made.  
Our official recommendation is to upgrade to R81.10.
R81.10 brings a major improvement in operational security efficiency across the management server's reliability, performance, and scale.

In order to quickly solve the issue on your current R80.40 version, please follow sk168334 (Rebuild CPM Solr).
If for some reason the issue still exists following sk168334, please contact TAC and email me.



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