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log from Particular Firewall

I have 4 Firewall cluster and I want to know that how much logs is generating one firewall as while checking then it will show logs from all firewall.


cd $FWDIR/log

ls -lah *.log  

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In the log viewer there's a section on the right marked 'Tops' - if you expand out 'Top Origins' it'll give you some idea of the ratio of logs from each origin (gateway).

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Employee Alumnus

Yes & You can also run on your Mgmt or Dedicated Log-Server via CLI:
cpstat mg -f log_server or cpstat ls -f logging
It shows each GW and its log-sending rate/sec, like this:

Log Server Connected Gateways
|Name |State |Last Login Time |Log Receive Rate|
|Local Clients|Connected|N/A | 0|
|GW1 |Connected|Tue Nov 23 10:58:34 2021| 664|
|GW2|Connected|Tue Nov 23 10:58:03 2021| 542|


Thanks for information..

let me tell you 

I have one Management( and 3 Cluster (Internal Firewall(, External Firewall, Proxy Firewall).

Now I want to know Internal Firewall how much generating logs as if i run below command on Management so it will give you whole firewall in bulk

[Expert@FW-M:0]# cd $FWDIR/log
[Expert@FW-M:0]# ls -lah *.log
-rw-rw-r-- 1 admin config 23K Nov 29 00:00 2021-11-29_000000.log
-rw-rw-r-- 1 admin config 97K Nov 30 00:07 2021-11-30_000000.log
-rw-rw---- 1 admin root 186K Nov 30 23:26 fw.log

but i want to know that internal firewall how muck log generating

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