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how to rollback application ctrl & URL Filtering update

Hi everyone!

i have a problem for installs politics in my cluster XL today.

I reviewed history for update and I discovered that app ctrl & url filtering were updated, so Cluster XL need enable HTTPS inspection for install politics but today I can´t enable https inspection.

so I need how to rollback update.



problem politic install.jpg

app ctrl url update.jpg

https inspection turn off.jpg


thanks everyone!

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The errors that mention HTTPS Inspection won't prevent you from installing the policy.
What they are telling you is these rules won't work the way you expect without HTTPS Inspection.
This is because some services can't easily be detected without it.

What is preventing you from installing the policy is the "Internal Error" above.
There appear to be several causes for this listed in SecureKnowledge and, without additional debugging, not sure which one of them will apply in your case.
I recommend engaging the TAC.
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