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fw_up_limit_new_conn: fwpslglue_newconn() failed

Yesterday i upgraded from a distributed 77.30 cluster + mgmt to r80.10 on two 5600 appliances and smart 210 mgmt. 

Today we are encountering 100% cpu usage on 3 core of the gateway while the other core (4 cores in total in 5600), which is used for dynamic dispatcher is idle. Setup was running fine on 77.30. Fw_workers are consuming all the cpu on all three cores. 

I am also noticing the error below in var log messages

Nov 23 17:53:44 2017 GW1 kernel: [fw4_2]^[ERROR]: fw_up_limit_new_conn: fwpslglue_newconn() failed

Any ideas please? 

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If you go to Manage & Settings -> Blades -> Threat Prevention, which fail mode is selected? Fail-open or fail-close? I'm wondering if you are seeing that message because connections are being dropped as the Gateway appears to be under heavy load. 

Did you upgrade the 5600's to R80.10, as well, or did you just do the Management?

When was the last time you update your IPS signatures? Is it possible that one or more "High" or "Critical" Performance Impact signatures were set enabled in either Prevent or Detect mode?

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Issue was resolved after modifying the App Control rule-base (basically reduced the number of rules. Error was no longer visible.