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first time wizzard stuck Smart-1 6000L appliance

We did a fresh install via GAiA to R81.20. the system runs R81.10 and we moved to R81.20 via fresh install.

After the install we get the GAiA First Time wizzard but stuck in state of the configuration of the Internet connection. We can configure an interface for internet connection but all buttons for continue or back are greyed out. We can refresh our browser but the first time wizzard starts again and stops at the same state. No chance to go ahead or back.

Any ideas or maybee is it possible to do a fresh install of the appliance via USB device (stick or DVD-Rom) like with gateway appliances ?

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You should be able to fresh install with USB, yes.

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That is strange maybe screenshot would make it more clear? If you do not have internet connection you should be able to skip it.

Select how the applicable interface gets its IPv4 address:

  • Manually - You configure the IPv4 settings in the next fields.

  • Off - None.

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