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expired application in application control

I just have a question about the behavior of applications in application control when an application is set to expired by checkpoint in an application database update. If that application is being used in a rule does it just become invalid and fail on a publish when the next publish is attempted until the rule is modified?

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Are you asking in reference to a specific application or category (sk106783)?

Happy to enquire further based on an example if you have one in mind.

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No not necessarily a specific application, more what general behavior to expect and it could apply to any currently usable application. for instance at one time there was an application named "21tweets", that application now shows as "expired" when you query the DB. I am just trying to figure out what would have happened if I had been using that application in a rule when the Application DB update set it to expired? Would the object just have become invalid and the policy validation failed when attempting to publish until I removed that rule or that object from the rule?

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