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enabling 'accounting' breaks logging

For most policies I enabled the standard 'Log' option. For the policies that bring users to the Internet, I select 'Detailed' logs and enable 'Accounting'. Each time I do this the log viewer stops displaying any logs. It just kind of hangs. I need detailed logs and accounting to generate in depth user activity reports. The logging box is beefy enough and should be able to handle this. Anyone else experience anything similar ? Thanks.

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Just to make sure it's not a connectivity issue, have you done a tcpdump or similar to validate connectivity?

Your SmartConsole client needs connectivity on ports 443, 18190 and 19009.

Also, have you engaged with the TAC?

Possible this is a bug or similar they may need to troubleshoot.

Contact Support | Check Point Software 

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Hi Justin,

We tried to reproduce the issue you described here in CheckPoint with no success,

Yet again, I would like to keep and investigate it and understand the root cause.

Let's take it offline Smiley Happy

Ido Shoshana

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